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Inflatable SUP in Thermaikos fun and action

2018-5-26 10:24:44

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a very popular sport that is practiced in the water with a inflatable board and a paddle. The sport is relatively new and it’s said that it started in Hawaii in the 50’s. But the roots of SUP can be traced back to Ancient Polynesia. In Greece, SUP has become extremely popular the last 2-3 years!

I can assure you that SUP is a relatively easy sport at least when the sea is flat, but it’s extremely boring when practicing alone! So make sure you try it with friends! With SUP you combine physical exercise with lots of fun!

Very recently SUP showed up in the Thermaic Gulf! A SUP meeting was organised in Thessaloniki in 2013 and the first SUP race was held in October, 2015 by the Sailing Club of Thessaloniki and Active Sport Club. That was followed by a SUP meeting-ride again in October 2015.

The outcome of these races and meetings is that now ISUP has become well-known in the local community of Thessaloniki! Very frequently, Simos a local SUP instructor and Aris an extreme sports aficionado, take the initiative to organise SUP rides in Thermaikos. There is a facebook group solely for that purpose. So if you feel like SUPing, communicate with the members of the group and organise a ISUP ride! But make sure that you have a decent wetsuit!

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