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The woman meet the shark while surfing

2018-5-26 10:25:16
In August 31, according to foreign media reports, the United States a woman recently at the beach surfing, only to encounter a great white shark bite. Fortunately, the great white shark only put her surfboard off a chunk of women are lucky to escape.
California 54 year old woman Dempsey last week at the beach surfing. Usually, the sea will have dolphins infested with, but this is actually a great white shark "tracking" on her surfboard, also bit a surfboard.
Fortunately, Dempsey finally managed to escape. She said, they found jaws after what all dare not to think, immediately swam to the shore. Dempsey landed, found the bodyboard bite out of position, a full 35 cm.
Experts estimate that the great white shark nearly two meters long, is probably a male shark. Experts say the shark may be only 3 teeth will bite into a large.
However, Dempsey said that he will not be scared of this experience, will continue to surf.

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